Add Metadata (smart filters) to Collections

Associate attributes with ticket types so fans can filter and display options that meet their criteria.

Create and apply fan-facing metadata inside a collection to surface a filter bar to customers. Rather than scrolling through a long list, purchasers can apply filters to display only the options that meet their selected criteria. Common use cases for metadata filters include various hotel properties by room type, group size, merchandise by color, or tickets by date/time.

Create Metadata and apply it to a ticket type in a collection

  1. Open the System menu from the Studio dashboard
  2. Select Metadata from the dropdown
  3. Click the + Add Metadata button
  4. Enter the information in the fields provided
    • Name: The title of this Metadata for internal application
    • Display name: The fan-facing title of the smart filter. E.g., "Number of Guests"
    • Selection Type:
      • Multiple: Options are presented as buttons; more than one can be selected
      • Multiple (Checkbox): Options are presented as checkboxes; more than one can be selected
      • Single: Options are presented as buttons; only one option can be selected
    • Option Value Type: Determine the type of option values that can be created Alphanumeric or Numeric
    • Fan Facing: Check this box to apply the filter to your event page collection
    • Notes: Additional information about this Metadata. Notes are not visible to the user.
  5. Proceed to the Next - Options page
  6. Click + Add Option to start adding filter selections
    1. Label: The name of the filter option. E.g., "Hotel A"
    2. Value: Assign a value to this option
  7. Click Add when finished and repeat for all other selection options
  8. When finished, click Save
  9. Next, apply Metadata to the ticket types by going to Manage Event > Tickets > select the ticket type > Metadata > + Add Metadata

Once your Metadata has been applied, fans can now filter tickets in a collection to quickly find the products that match their criteria.