Building Reserved Seating Charts - Seating Chart Sessions

Seating chart sessions allow you to temporarily hold selected seats to prevent other users from selecting the same seat. This is useful if your organization has multiple people adding holds or modifying reservations using the same seating charts. 


When you are working in an active seating chart session, you and other users who are in the seat map will see a banner indicating that the chart is in active use.

The maximum amount of time for a session is 15 minutes when you are modifying event renewal reservation entries. The amount of time remaining in the active session is displayed in the countdown clock so you may complete setting up the temporary holds that you are creating for reserved seats, booths, and tables.

Some seating chart sessions allow you to request extra time when the session is about to expire. A "+" will appear next to the countdown clock if you are able to request more time. 

When you exit the active seating chart, the session is closed and the selected seats are released.

If you close your browser or tab without exiting the seating chart, the selected seats may stay in the temporarily held state. You will have to wait until the session expires before the seats are released so you can select them again. The browser may display a warning when you try to close your browser or tab without exiting the seating chart. 

If you do not exit the active seating chart to close the session, this may also lead to warnings where one or more seats could not be selected because they are still temporarily held.