Building Tickets: Pools

Pools allow multiple ticket types to share a single inventory. Below are the basics of how to add, upload, and edit a pool as well as how to assign a tickets inventory to a pool for your event.


To Edit an Existing Pool

1) Click on the pencil icon located next to the pool allotment number. 

To Add a New Pool

1) Click into Manage Event on your Event Dashboard and select Pools on the left-hand side of the navigation bar under Tickets. Click on the blue "+ Add Pool" on the top right-hand side to add a new pool



A) Insert the name of the pool. 

B) Insert the allotment for the pool.

C) Click on the blue "Add" to save the pool.

Assigning a Ticket's Inventory to a Pool


1) Click into Tickets on the left-hand side of the navigation bar and select the appropriate ticket. Located in the Basics tab, scroll down to Inventory to assign a ticket's inventory to a pool. 

C) Inventory Type: Select Pool Inventory

D) Pool Ticket Limit: The max amount of tickets that are allowed to be sold.

*Ex:  If a ticket's inventory has a pool allotment that is set to 1000, but the Pool Ticket Limit is set to 200, only 200 out of 1000 of those tickets will be allowed to be sold. 

E) Shared Inventory Pool: Select which pool this ticket's inventory can pull from. 

F) Pool Tier Behaviour: Choose between Overall Pool and This Ticket's Count.

-Overall Pool: the tier inventory trigger checks against the total sold in the pool. 
-This Ticket's Count: the tier inventory trigger checks against this ticket's individual count of tickets sold.

*Note: "This Ticket's Count" becomes active if tiered pricing is active.