Building Tickets: Tiers

Tixr's Tiered Pricing feature provides real-time dynamic pricing. Instead of setting a fixed price, tiered pricing allows you to create rules-based tiers that automatically trigger different price points based on live sales activity.

1) Create Your Ticket

When using tiered pricing, the General section of the ticket buildout becomes the Last Tier. This should reflect the total amount of inventory for this entire ticket type (all tiers combined) and the highest or last price. Every preceding tier will be added in the Tiers buildout. 


*Note: If you do not know the last price when creating a ticket, you can add higher tiers later. When adding a tier with a higher price than the Last Tier, be sure to turn Tier Progression off in the Advanced section of the event buildout and always make sure that the inventory amount or date range (or both) of the new tier match that of the last tier. Never change Last Tier prices once sales have been made. 


2) Build Out Preceding Tiers:

You can enable two types of triggers when creating tiers: Inventory-based tier pricing and Date-based tier pricing. 

If Inventory-based tier pricing and Date-based tier pricing are BOTH enabled, then the price will change once EITHER of those conditions have been met. 

When naming tiers, it is helpful to differentiate between tiers to make price increases apparent to your audience (ie: Early Bird GA, Advance GA, GA, Last Chance GA). 

Sold out tiers will not show once a tier has progressed to the next price point.

Inventory Based Example

1) Add your first tier - 50 tickets at "Early Bird GA" for $75

  • Toggle Inventory-based pricing on
  • Enter 50 as "# of Tickets"
  • Enter the Base price for this tier- $75
  • If less than 50 tickets are sold, the Early Bird GA tier will show at the price point of $75. Once 50 tickets are sold, it will jump to the next tier. 

2) Add Tier 2- 100 tickets at "Advance GA" for $80

  • Since 50 tickets will be sold at Tier 1, to sell 100 tickets at Tier 2, # of Tickets for that tier should be 150
  • Once 150 tickets have been sold (100 at the $80 price and 50 at the $75 price), it will jump to the next tier
  • All remaining tickets after 150 are sold, will be sold at the General Admission (Last Tier) price


  • You can keep adding tiers until you get to your final price tier.
  • To edit a tier, click the pencil icon on that tier.
  • When viewing an event preview before the event is published, the General (Last tier) will always show (as this page is static). Once the event goes live, the first tier will show.
  • Contact your if you do not see the option for Tiers in the ticket buildout. This is an advanced feature that must be enabled on the backend.