Internal Tickets: Creating and Managing in Tixr Studio

Use the Internal Tickets feature to send comp tickets and reissue tickets.

Internal Tickets- Creating and Managing

1) Use the "..." on your Event dashboard to get to the Advanced Tools section. Once here, click on the Internal Tickets icon

2) Tickets:

A) Ticket type: There are 2 internal ticket types that can be delivered to a fan via email: Comp and Reissue tickets.  

Comp tickets are treated as 100% discounted tickets that are accounted for in sales and deducted against inventory. Upon receipt of a Comp, fans will not see the dollar value of the ticket, it will simply display as a Comp. 

Reissue tickets are counted against inventory quantities but are not reflected in sales. These are treated as $0.00 tickets. Upon receipt of a Reissue, fans will always see the dollar value of the ticket. 

*Note: In regards to the reissues. Anytime a ticket's first and last name is updated in the system via smart forms, manually by a Studio user, or by the account owner when the fan is able to update names on tickets through their Tixr account, we will not override the first and last name with the Tixr user profiles first and last name.

If a Tixr account is not yet created and a reissue or comp is uploaded to a new account/email address, those orders/tickets will take on the first and last name that was submitted with the upload until the Tixr account owner updates their first and last name in their Tixr profile, that order and tickets will take on the new first and last name associated with that Tixr account/profile.

If the account already exists and a reissue or comp is issued via internal tickets, the order/tickets will have the first and last name that was used in the reissue/comp.

B) Order type: Select how the Internal ticket order will be composed

Single Ticket: Select one ticket type to send

Multiple Tickets: Select multiple ticket types to send

Custom via Upload: Customize and upload a CSV with varied ticket types and quantities

C) Ticket type: Select the sale type of the ticket being comped or reissued

Web: Select from all Web ticket types. This includes Online, Add-on and Private tickets

Door: Select from Door ticket types

*Note: Internal orders may only be comprised of Web or Door tickets, not both

D) Ticket: Select your ticket type or types, depending on your order type selected above

*If a single ticket type is being sent, quantities are designated on the next screen, for each person. If multiple ticket types are being sent, quantities of each ticket type in that courtesy order are designated when selecting those ticket types

*Note: If a ticket has tiered pricing enabled, the current active tier will be reissued or comped

E) Ticket Name Behavior on Fan Registration: Select what name is applied to the order

Change on update: Applies the name the user registers with to the order

Preserve on update:  Retains the name entered in Internal Tickets on the order

F) New User Registration E-mail: Select whether the user receives an email to register an account with Tixr, if one doesn't exist

Send: This will send the registration email to new Tixr user's email address

Do Not Send: This will not send a Tixr registration email

G) Internal Tickets E-mail: Select whether the user receives a confirmation email for the order

Send: This will send the confirmation email to the user's email address

Do Not Send: This will not send a confirmation email. Tickets will be accessible in the Tixr account for the user's email address

H) Subject-line: Customize the subject line for the recipient's Comp or Reissue notification email

I) Additional information: Add any additional information you would like to appear in the body of the notification email

J) Label: Add a label to appear when this Comp or Reissue is scanned on Tixr Door

K) Note: Add a note to appear on the order in Audience > Records

3) Users: You can use the "Upload Users" button to upload a CSV file, or you can click "Add User" to add users one by one

4) Adding a new user:

A) First Name: The first name of the order holder 

B) Last Name: The last name of the order holder

C) Email: The email address you would like this order to go to 

D) Tickets: The number of selected ticket types you would like included in this order

5) When your users are added, click "comp" or "reissue" in the top right of the User page