Creating & Managing Promos in Tixr Studio

Promos allow you to offer flat or % based discounts on your tickets via a code

The Promos section in Tools allows you to create custom promotions for discounts on any of your sales. 

1) Click on Promos in the Tools section

2) Click the blue "Create New Promo" to make a new one, or click on an existing Promo to edit

3) Basics Tab

A) Promotion name: Establish the name to be listed on the promotion card. This title will not be the code used by customers to redeem the promotion. This is for internal purposes

B) Start Date: The first date & time that this promotion is active and able to be redeemed.

C) End Date: The last date & time that this promotion is active and able to be redeemed.

*This is optional. Leave blank if your promotion is ongoing. 

D) Discount Type: Use the drop-down to specify whether the number in the "#" box (E) will be applied as a percent discount (%) or a flat rate discount ($)

E) #: The percent number, or flat rate amount to be discounted (I.e "10" for 10% off or "10" for $10 off)

F) Applied: Use the drop-down to specify whether the discount will be applied to the customer’s entire order or each individual ticket. 

  • Single Ticket Type (Largest Discount) will calculate the discount for all tickets in each qualifying ticket type and then apply the discount to the ticket type that will give the highest discount value. Applying the discount to each individual ticket will yield the largest discount. 
  • Per ticket creates a discount for each qualifying ticket in the cart

*If Per Ticket is selected and the Maximum setting is set to X, then the max number of tickets per order the promotion can be applied to is X irrespective of how many tickets they added. (i.e if you set the maximum to 2 and you have $1 off per ticket and added 5 tickets to cart, your total discount would be $1 x 2 = $2). 

*Pro Tip: When using Per Ticket applied minimum or maximum, the toggle "Apply across all ticket types" appears. 
When this toggle is turned OFF, the maximum field is applied PER TICKET. The tickets applied are what is selected in the 'Apply' section of the promo. 
When the toggle is turned ON, the maximum field is applied across the entire cart. 


G) Max uses: Maximum uses for this promotion, including all codes. 

*Leave blank for unlimited use

H) Limit per code: Maximum uses for each CODE within the promotion 

*Leave blank for unlimited use


4) Codes: You can either upload a CSV file of unique codes using the upload icon, or you can add a new code using the + sign. As you can see, you can have multiple codes for the same promotion (TIXR10, TOP10, 10FF all for the 10% promotion)



5) Add Code

A) Code: The name of the code. This is what purchasers will use at checkout

*Special characters (@, !, ?, etc) are not supported. An email address cannot be used as a code.

B) RID: Specify a Referral ID to be attached to each promotion code so that you can easily track the application rate of each individual code. You will receive a source report after your event passes detailing which codes were applied, how many times they were applied, and the referral ID associated with the code.

* This is optional

C) Add: Add the code and move back to the main screen for the next step

D) Save + Add: This allows you to save the code and have this create screen stay up to seamlessly create another code

E) Generate random code: Generate a random code rather than creating your own


6) Apply to events: In order to make the promotion redeemable for your customers, you must activate it for each ticket type in an event. 

A) Use the dropdown to select which Event (s) you'd like to assign this promotion to

B) If you have selected multiple events, select one and click on the blue to expand the list of ticket types

C) Select the tickets you would like to apply this promotion. 

*you can select all

D) Enter the number of times a discount code can be used for that ticket, if applicable.


7) Apply tags:

If you apply existing tags to a promo code, this will result in any event or ticket with that tag honoring those discount codes.


Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 2.08.02 PM

8) Press "Save" at the top right and you are done!

*You can always test if the promo code is working correctly by going through the checkout flow. 

9) Search for an existing promo by the internal promo name, or by the promo code.


Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 1.57.59 PM