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How to connect your Boca Printer to Tixr Door

If you have a Boca printer, you can connect it to the Tixr Door app and use it to print tickets for attendees. 


If you have received a Boca printer from Tixr, then the printer will be configured to print Tixr ticket stock. If your printer was not provided by Tixr, then it is possible that you will need to reconfigure the ticket printing width settings on your Boca to print Tixr ticket stock (to do this, please review section 9.1.6 in the Boca Systems Lemur Ticket Printers Operator's Manual). 

Connecting your Boca:

Step 1: Power off Boca and connect to the network

While the printer is powered off, connect the Boca printer via an ethernet cable to the network that your Door and Studio Go devices will be operating on. Ensure that DHCP (auto-assignment of IPs) is enabled on your network. Then turn the printer power back on. 

Step 2: Load Tixr ticket stock

Remove the cover from the printer and load the Tixr ticket stock stub end first with the legal/black bar side facing down. The printer should auto-feed and begin pulling your stock through unassisted. You can now place the cover back on.

Step 3: Test

Press the ‘Test’ button on the Boca Printer to print a test ticket. Look for the ‘IP ADD=” line. This is the IP address you will need to enter into the Door and Studio Go apps to enable the connection. Only one device can be connected to a printer at a time.

Step 4: Log into the Tixr Door or Studio GO app

Login into the app and select your Group. Then press the Settings Button (gear icon) in the top left. From there, press the ‘Boca Printer’ item from the pop-up menu:

(Example on Tixr Door)

(Example on Studio GO)

Press the ‘Boca Printer’ item from the pop-up menu:

Step 5: Connect Boca

Connect to the Boca Printer by entering the ip address from Step 3 and pressing the ‘Connect’ button:

Be sure to omit any preceding 0s from each IP address component. For example, if the reported ip address of your Boca printer is ‘’, enter the ip address as ‘’.

Step 6: Test

Print a Test Ticket and Receipt to confirm your connection and that you have loaded the ticket stock correctly

On a test ticket, the QR code should be positioned in the stub of the ticket (see below example)

Troubleshooting steps:

If your Boca isn't connecting, make sure the printer and the device (iPad, iPod or iPhone) are on the same network. To check this, go to the settings app > WiFi > click the info button (i) to see the network you're connected to:

Compare this IP address and subnet to those printed on the test ticket.