Internal Tickets: FAQ

What are they? How do I use them?

Use the Internal Tickets feature to send comp tickets and reissue tickets.

Example A: You want to send your VIPs tickets directly

Example B: You want to send new tickets to a list of purchasers that previously paid through another platform

Example C: Your artist canceled and you are re-issuing tickets for an alternate concert


Q: Do I need to make a new ticket type?

A: You can either comp or reissue into an already created ticket type, or make a specific one for your purposes. Just make sure you are selecting the correct ticket types that you want to comp/ reissue into upon upload

Q: How can I bulk comp or reissue tickets?

A: You can upload CSV lists of up to 1,000 entries at a time.

Q: How do I know if my comp or reissue was successful?

A: Check your email to ensure that all comps were sent successfully. If an error occurs, the email notification from Tixr will inform you that "some items failed".

Q: Where will I see these tickets in my reporting?

A: These orders will appear in your attendee reporting just like a paid order, but they will be listed as either a $0 value ticket, or a reissue.