How to Add a Venue

You can add new venues to your Tixr Group at any time

1) To add a new venue to your account, you can go to System > Venues from the lefthand navigation bar.

2) Click the blue 'ADD VENUE' button in the top right

3) Basics Tab

a) Name = Your Venues Name

b) Display Name = Name of the venue as displayed to your customers

c) Short Name = This name will take over on mobile displays if your venue's name is too long

d) Seating Type = Open is General Admission. Reserved = You will need a draft or finalized seating chart to use this option.

e) Type = Type of venue

4) Address Tab - here you can fill in the address for your venue

**IMPORTANT: Filling out the Fan Support Email Address will direct inquiries for this venue directly to your provided email address. Leaving this blank is opting into Tixr's Fan Support. See our Opt-In Requirements & our Scope of Assistance

5) Content Tab - fill in any details or business hours for your venue

6) Seating - Attach a draft or finalized seating chart to your Reserved venue

7) Save!