Forms in Tixr Studio: How to use & Troubleshoot

What are they & how do I use them?

The Forms section in Tools allows you to create custom forms to collect additional information or send notifications to fans during checkout. Forms can be optional or required. 

Example 1: You need the phone numbers of each of your ticket holders.

Example 2: You need to know the first name and last name of each ticket holder, not just the order purchaser. 

Example 3: T-shirts are included in a certain ticket type and you'd like to know sizes ahead of time

Example 4: You would like to know bottle preferences for VIP tables.


Q: I added a new ticket type, will the Form automatically apply?

A: No, you have to go into the Apply section of Forms to add any new ticket types

Q: I had tickets sold before I added a Form, where is that information?

A: Information can not be captured retro-actively 

Q: Where do I see the information collected?

A: To review form submissions, go to Records and set the filter to the event(s) you are looking for. Cick the Download icon in the upper right corner of the screen to download either the Orders or Tickets CSV, based on if your form is set to appear on the order or ticket level.