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Reserved: Not For Sale tool

A new advanced tool for reserved seating events


There is a new tool called Not For Sale in the Advanced Tools kit for reserved events. This feature allows Studio users to mark large sections of seats as unavailable for sale. 

How can I start using the feature?

In order to access Not For Sale, the group feature setting “Reserved Seating” must be enabled. Then you are able to choose the additional group feature setting “Reserved Seating: Not For Sale”.

Why use Not For Sale instead of Kills?

 The Kills tool is best used for 100 seats or less per seat map modification. If you need to kill 10 seats so that a camera placement can be set up, Kills is the right choice.

When should I use Not For Sale?

Example scenario: An upcoming arena event stage obstructs the view for several seated sections.

Use the Not For Sale tool to select all the affected sections to change the status to not for sale. There is a daily limit of 10 changes when using the Not For Sale tool. For each request, there is no limit on the selected number of seats. 

Studio agents may mark empty sections in advance as not for sale in advance.  When adding seating later, the system will mark them as Not For Sale. 
If a published event has an existing draft or a scheduled publish date in the future, we surface a warning message. The Studio user is able to save the Not For Sale selections once the event draft is discarded or published.

When the event is published, the event's total capacity and available inventory are updated with accurate counts in Studio and Tixr. On the Studio event card stats will display the “Not For Sale” inventory count in the event breakout. On the Tixr side, on the event seat map, the related sale inventory no longer shows as available.

Note: Not For Sale may not be used for Reserved GA areas.