Rewards FAQ

What are Tixr Rewards?

Tixr Rewards is a way for you to earn rewards by becoming an ambassador for your favorite events!

How do I earn rewards?

Share your personalized referral link on social media, over email, via carrier pigeon— anywhere you want!

When someone buys through your link, you automatically earn points that count toward rewards.* Reward points cannot be earned by purchasing through your own referral link.

Where can I find my personalized reward link?

You will have your own personal link for each event that you want to share. You can find your link in the following places:

  • By clicking on the Rewards button in the top right corner of the event ticketing page
  • On your post-checkout screen
  • In your rewards email ( be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it after purchase or signing up )
  • By clicking on any of the social sharing links while logged into your Tixr account

Do I earn points for orders purchased through my social links?

You sure do! Be sure to be logged in and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or all three!

Do all events have rewards?


How are my rewards fulfilled?

All rewards that provide a discount on your Tixr order or Tixr ticket are refunded to the credit card used to purchase.* Please note that you must have made a purchase for that specific event in order to be credited in a partial refund.

You will be contacted via email for other types of rewards to coordinate fulfillment.

When will my rewards be fulfilled?

For rewards that provide a discount on your Tixr order, please allow 10-15 days after the event has ended for these to show up on your credit card statement.

For all other types of rewards, you will be contacted via email with instructions on fulfillment.

Will I still get points if someone who bought through my link returns or cancels their order?

Unfortunately, no. Points are only earned for orders which have not been canceled or refunded.

Why are some rewards fulfilled after the event?

We need to ensure all orders and points are valid.

What happens if I need my reward before I go to the event so I can use it there?

It will be fulfilled before the event. Be sure to keep an eye on your email!

What are 'pending' points?

Orders which have yet to be completed such as orders that are on Payment Plans will not count until all payments have been processed.

Are rewards event specific?

Points and rewards are event specific.

I've earned points for multiple events, can I use all of them to claim a reward?

Unfortunately, no. Points are event specific, and the points you earn for an event can only be used for that event.

How will I know that I've received my refund?

You will receive an email letting you know, so keep an eye out! Also, please allow 10-15 days after the event has ended for refunds to show up on your statement of the credit card used to purchase. The credit descriptor will show as TXR*.