Season Tickets: How to set up the Season and Master Season event

Season ticketing starts with the creation of a season in Group > System > Season

Step 1: Prepare the following in advance of the season build

  • Season Name (req'd) - will only show on the master season event. 
  • Venue & Finalized Seat Map (req'd)- the same venue and seat map will be used across the season. 
  • Design/Marketing Images - will be used for Tixr event pages for the season master event.
  • Packages (req'd) - use the term you want to use for packages. Each season will support multiple packages as long as sales do not have overlapping dates.  Packages may include all the events in your season or is broken into smaller groups of events within the season.


Step 2: Set-up the Season in System (required)

  1. Select System > Seasons to open the Manage Season page
  2. Add the season name
  3. Select the venue & map configuration. 
    • Note: once the season is created, the venue and map cannot be changed.
  4. Add the background image for the season. You will be able to add additional images when you create the master season event.
  5. Click to proceed to the Packages setup page.


Step 3: Set up the Packages for the Season (required)

At least one package is required so that you can set up a master event and related child events. You may create more than one package for your season, however, each package must have its own master event and related child events.


Note: The package that is set up and saved will display as Inactive until the master season event has been created. You will be prompted to set up the master event once Step 4 is completed.



Step 4: Manage the package > update the package with a description & Publish

Note: You will be able to complete the rest of the steps in System > Season > Packages once you have set up the master event and child events.




Step 5: After you have created the season, you will be prompted to begin building the master event for the season.



Create the master event for your season


Step 1: The master event build will be very much like any other reserved event build. The difference with the master event is that if a fan buys seats for the season then it will reserve those seat selections for all the games in the related season package.


Note: When considering onsale dates, please be aware that any sales for child events that you want to sell individually may not have sales dates that overlap the sale dates from the master event.



Step 2: Proceed through the set up of the master event and the sale start and end dates for your ticket types and any other crucial information that you need to customize your master season event, then Publish the event. 



Step 3: Once your master event is published, you may set up the games that you want to include in the master season or partial season event sale. If you want to retain inventory for individual game day sales, be sure to add holds to the seat maps on the individual games! 


Step 4: Create and set up individual games. They will display next to the master season event that lives in the upper left corner and has a tickets icon to indicate its status.




Return to System > Seasons > Package to add individual games


Step 1: Add the child games to the season package by editing the package for your season, then selecting the events that you want to add on the Events tab of the workflow. 



Step 2: Proceed through to the Designate step where you select which ticket types you want to include in the master season ticket sales.


Step 3: Publish to update the season and the related master event with the related events that are part of the season event