When does DIMASH DIGITAL SHOW start broadcasting?


Los Angeles 6:00 PST

Denver 7:00 MST

Mexico City 8:00 CST

New York 9:00 EST

Ottawa EST 9:00 EST

Brasilia 11:00 BST

London 14:00 GMT

Budapest 15:00 CEST

Madrid 15:00 CEST

Rome 15:00 CEST

Bucharest 16:00 EEST

Cairo 16:00 EEST

Kiev 16:00 EEST 

Istanbul 17:00 GMT

Moscow 17:00 MST

Mumbai 19:30 IST

Bishkek 20:00 

Nur-Sultan 20:00 EKT

Bangkok 21:00 Indochina Time 

Beijing 22:00 CST

Kuala Lumpur 22:00 Malaysia Time

Singapore 22:00 Singapore Standard Time

Seoul 23:00 KST

Tokyo 23:00 JST


Autographed Photo

When will I receive my autographed photo?

   Photos will be shipped approximately 1 month after the event.


Livestream questions


Live chat interaction between the audience


How can I purchase a ticket?

For detailed instructions on how to purchase a ticket, read the instructions on Dimashnews.com

How can I purchase a ticket for a friend or family member?

If you are looking to purchase a livestream ticket for a friend or family member you would need to make the purchase under their email address/Tixr account. Please note that only one user is allowed to be logged in to a Tixr account at a time when watching a Livestream. 


How can I watch the show if I order?

You can watch the live stream via Tixr on Tixr.com, and Apple TV as well as on demand via dedicated streaming links which will be sent to all purchasers.


Will the live recording be available for those who missed the event and did not use the ticket?

Yes, the live recording will be available via the provided streaming links anytime during the week.


Will the stream be available in my country?

Yes, the online concert will be broadcast in all countries of the world.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How long will the concert last?

About 90 min


Do I have to watch the show at my scheduled timezone above or can I watch whenever I want?

The event is pre-recorded with live chat interaction between the audience. Approximately 2 hours after music ends, the performance will be available on demand via dedicated streaming links. You can watch anytime you want after for up to a week!


Can I cancel my order after I order?

All tickets are non-refundable.


Having bought a ticket, can I return it if I suddenly change my mind about attending an online concert?

Tickets sold on the tixr.com website cannot be exchanged or refunded according to the established rules. By purchasing an e-ticket for this event, you agree to the terms of the offer.


Can I share my stream link after purchase?

No. The online concert will be available for viewing only from one device. All purchasers will receive their own unique ticket codes that cannot be used on multiple devices at the same time.


Will the Live Stream be in HD?



Are there a limited number of Live Stream tickets?

This will be one of the largest live stream events of the year. Limited tickets are available at pre-sale and Tier 2 pricing!


I bought tickets already can i join the virtual chat?

Given the charitable nature of the digital show the virtual chat is billed as a separate purchase however future events without a fee are planned and will be announced very soon!

I saw some confusion regarding the purchase of a ticket with an autograph can you explain?

The line item showing this was corrected and we attribute this to a system glitch

Why did the announcement come out now instead of previously?

Due to scheduling commitments we could not confirm availability until now

Will there be any other online Q&A’s which do not include a fee

Yes absolutely! We are putting together other events which will allow fans to engage Dimash directly and without any fee to the public.

Will Dimash use a translator

No Dimash will choose questions in English, Russian and Kazakh at random and answer them accordingly any questions regarding languages not mentioned will depend on the audience members having there own friends or family members providing an explanation

What is different about this Q&A?

Dimash will talk about his upcoming projects and answer random questions from his fans for 30 minutes

What is the link or handle which we will have to access the Q&A

The link or handle shall be provided a few days before the concert

How will Project CURE benefit specifically from this show

Project CURE will benefit by using some of the proceeds from ticket sales to purchase medical supplies and PPE’s for health care professionals helping in the fight against coronavirus and safely treating patients who are in desperate need of medical attention while performing there duties in a safe and adequate manner

Some fans have stated they can neither afford these or think that too many categories of purchases exist

This is understandable and whenever it is done for charity the goal is to be as generous as possible, so fans should only participate within there means.

Why can’t these be free?

In addition to supporting Project CURE and as a courtesy to fans both Kevan Kenny, MTV & Project CURE have all given away 100’s of tickets to fans. In addition to giving away tickets all fans who watch the show can now watch the show unlimited times for up to 1 week after paying only 1 price.

In what format will the Post-show Q&A take place?

Post-Show Q&A will be held in the format of a video conference with a moderator who will select questions for Dimash. The link to the video chat will be sent a few days before the online concert.

Will everyone have a chance to speak?

As with all engagements either in person or online the interaction will be 30 minutes and questions will be chosen at random so not everyone may have there questions answered. This is why future events are already in the works!!