Tixr API Documentation

Typically used for presentation and content creation by our Clients.  This API will allow you to get all needed information about your events to power your website and/or apps.

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Studio API

Typically used for core data extraction by our Clients.  This API will allow you to get all major components that make the Tixr ecosystem.  From event metadata, to order details, to fan information, all is at your fingertips using this API.

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Typically used for real-time order information by our Clients.  Webhooks can be configured in Studio to deliver to an end-point provided by you, the client, in order to digest order information.

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Smart Links

Optionally, our Clients take advantage of our powerful parameterized event URL to enhance the fan experience.  From auto-applying a promo code to targeting specific sales, you decide what you want the experience to be.

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