Track Promoter Links in Tixr Studio

Promoter links can be tracked by you, the client, and also by the promoters themselves.

Creating and Managing Promoter System

For the Client

You can track promoter sales in the sales report by Source. You can also download the orders report and sort by Source to see which orders are associated with which promoter. 

For the Promoter Managers

The Promoter System can be accessed at Anyone with Studio access of Full or above will have access to the Promoter System and can add and manage promoters.

To add a promoter, simply click the red plus sign in the bottom right corner of the homepage once you log in at and click Add Promoter.

Then fill out the promoter information.

  • Promoter's First and Last Name
  • Username, email: This will be used as the promoter's username to log in.
  • Handle: The promoter handle that will appear in Source and Sales reports. This must be unique in the system.

Note: When inviting a user via the promoter system, the only way to set the handle is if the account doesn’t exist. If the user was already added to a group in Studio, the handle must be set by the user. 

  • Team: Group(s) that the promoter is assigned to promote events.
  • All events: Toggle on for all events in the Group to show on the promoter's page. Toggle off to specify specific events for that promoter to promote.
  • Email Notification: Keep this checked for the promoter to receive a welcome email with registration instructions.

Click Save to add that promoter to the system. 

Manage Promoters and Pull Reports:

Click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen for navigation options. From here you will find different views of promoter sales. By individual promoters, by group and by event.

Reports can be downloaded anytime by clicking the download icon in the upper right corner, in line with the search bar.

*IMPORTANT*: Be sure always to FILTER the date range you are looking for when pulling reports. The date filters can be found in the red nav bar at the top of the page. Filters can also be set to pull data by Purchase Date or Event Date.

For Promoters

Once a promoter has been added to Studio by their admin, they will receive an email that looks like the below picture that contains their temporary password circled in red. 

They will log into and enter their email address along with their temporary password. 

My Profile:

Once successfully logged in, promoters will need to update their profile information and password. Click the menu icon to choose My Profile.

My Page:

Clicking My Page will take the promoter to their promoter landing page. This page will host all events that the promoter is promoting. This is the link that they should distribute.

My Events Summary:

Events Summary will show the promoter an overview of their sales by event. 

My Order Summary:

Orders Summary will show the promoter an overview of their sales by individual orders.