Troubleshooting Rewards in Tixr Studio

Rewards Troubleshooting

My event already has sales but Rewards was not Live. If I add it now, can people who have purchased in the past get credit?

Unfortunately Rewards can not be applied retroactively

People have purchased through Influencer links but the Influencers are not getting credit- why?

Check to make sure that all your ticket types that you want associated with Rewards have points assigned to them. 

* Note: if you add tickets after your Rewards Package has been created, you will have to go back in to add them. New tickets are not automatically added to a Rewards Package. 

Can I change a reward once sales are happening?

Yes, but note that it could disrupt your Influencer's incentive/ experience

Does this really work?

We see an average of 7%- 12% of all ticket sales made through our Influencer program!

    * This is especially true for Festival events!