Manage your Waitlist in Records

Locate Waitlist registrations and prioritize, cancel, or manually fulfill requests.

Waitlist Records Overview

Navigate to Records from the event card or via the Audience tab in the left navigation bar.

From this view, you can take the following actions:

A) Process Waitlist:
  • If Waitlist is set to Automated Fulfillment, note the automatic run times of your waitlist fulfillment. If the inventory is available, these orders will automatically be processed and issued at those times. 
  • If Waitlist is set to Manual Fulfillment, use the Process Waitlist button to mass fulfill all waitlist orders. If the inventory is not available, those orders will not be fulfilled.

B) Sync: Use this button to sync these Orders to Mailchimp (if connected). This will automatically create an Audience List for you.

C) Download: Click the Download icon to access the different reports for this group of data.

D) Filter: Open the Filter panel to pull data by event(s), categories, or tags.

Managing Waitlist Orders

Use the icons in each Waitlist line to perform various actions and see how many days until the request expires.
A) Move the order to the top of the Waitlist

B) Email the customer

C) Fulfill that individual Waitlist request 

Note: There must be available inventory to fulfill waitlist requests manually. To increase inventory without enabling online sales, go to your Waitlist settings and toggle on Lock waitlist once started.

D) Cancel the Waitlist request

For ticket-specific details and actions, hover over the payment amount and click to expand the order.