What are Rewards in Tixr Studio?

What are Tixr Rewards?

Tixr Rewards makes all your purchasers micro-influencers! Upon purchase, unique referral links are automatically generated and can be shared out. Fans can then promote your Event to their friends using their unique link. They receive points based on the number of tickets sold, and they are rewarded base on the number of points they acquire.

How it works: 

When a reward's fulfillment type is set to Tixr, it means Tixr will take care of fulfilling the reward automatically with no human intervention needed. Currently, the only Tixr reward option is for money back (i.e. a partial or full refund). Tixr rewards are fulfilled 5 days post-event. We wait 5 days after the event so that any potential refunds, cancellations or disputes that may affect a fan’s points are accounted for. Since Tixr Rewards is the equivalent of a partial or full refund (i.e 10% off your order), they use and have all the same rules as refunds. Refunds are taken out of the Stripe Connect accounts Balance. If there is no balance, (the client has taken out it’s money) then the account will incur a negative balance in which Stripe’s rules for a negative balance will incur. 


When using Stripe as the payment processor, Tixr Rewards can also be utilized with foreign currency (non-USD). Tixr Rewards with foreign currency can be fulfilled by Tixr and Clients.