Why You Should Transition to Google Analytics 4

As you’re likely aware, Google is sunsetting its website analytics platform Universal Analytics (UA) and replacing it with the newer generation Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Starting July 1st, Google will begin phasing out its support for UA and all UA properties will stop processing new data. With the deadline looming near, Tixr has begun transitioning our website analytics from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. This means that once you create a GA4 property, you’ll be able to connect it in Tixr Studio via our integration, the same way you previously did for Universal Analytics. 

You may ask, why should I transition to GA4 now? While GA4 represents a significant shift from UA, the new platform brings many new features and enhancements that are worth exploring ahead of the deadline:

New Data Model

  • GA4 introduces a new data model centered around “events” (previously known as “hits” in Universal Analytics), which are defined as any user interaction with a website or app (i.e. page view, scroll, click).
  • Everything that happens on a website is recorded as an event, including the beginning of a new session or first pageview. Measurements no longer rely on sessions and multiple types of events can be measured in greater detail. 

Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

  • Because GA4's data model is event-based, specific actions and events on a website can be tracked more comprehensively. Events can include anything from button clicks, form submissions, video views, and more. 
  • Another significant aspect of GA4's enhanced tracking capabilities is the ability to track users across multiple devices (including mobile apps and web browsers) and sessions, providing a more holistic view of the user journey. 
  • GA4 also introduces enhanced measurement capabilities for mobile app tracking. It seamlessly integrates with Firebase to provide powerful insights into user behavior within mobile applications. 

Machine Learning Analysis

  • GA4 uses machine learning to fill in gaps in data, making it easier for marketers to make data-driven decisions and gain insights into user behavior that were not previously possible with UA. GA4’s machine learning capabilities can help to:
    • Fill in missing data by making predictions based on other collected data points
    • Identifying and excluding bot traffic, which can skew website and app metrics
    • Create audiences based on their behavior, providing a more accurate picture of user segments
    • Use machine learning to predict future user behavior based on past interactions, helping marketers optimize their campaigns

If you haven’t transitioned to GA4 yet, we highly recommend getting started by creating a property ahead of the July 1st deadline and begin using GA4 in parallel with UA for your events. This will ensure a smoother transition and ample time to get familiar with the new interface and features in the new platform.

Ready to move? Follow the steps below to get started in transitioning to GA4:

  1. Create a new GA4 property 
  2. Configure cross-domain tracking for your Tixr Group in GA4
  3. Connect your GA4 Property in Tixr Studio
  4. Consider your options for data migration into GA4